The W. D. Hamilton Award


The W. D. Hamilton Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Presentation will be given to a current or recent graduate student who presents an outstanding talk based on their graduate work at the annual meeting. Finalists will present their papers during a day-long symposium of Hamilton award candidate talks. The application to become a Hamilton award finalist is part of registration for the annual meeting. Applicants must check a box during registration indicating their interest for the Hamilton Award and submit an abstract. 

Current graduate students who have been enrolled in a graduate program for at least two (2) years and recipients of a Ph.D. within twelve (12) months of the date of the annual meeting are eligible to compete for the Award. Applicants must also be SSE members in good standing.

The most competitive talks will be those that can convey a complete story. Such talks are most likely to be given by graduate students who are close to completing their dissertations or by former graduate students who wish to present results from a dissertation defended within the past year. Talks that primarily present preliminary data or just an initial part of a dissertation are not likely to be competitive, and we strongly suggest that those students wait to compete for this award.

The winner of the award will receive $1,000 and a one-year membership to the Society for the Study of Evolution, which includes one year of access to the journal Evolution. Up to two Honorable Mentions will each receive a one-year membership to the Society for the Study of Evolution, including access to Evolution. Finalists will receive a $500 USD travel stipend to attend the 2019 Evolution meeting. Once chosen, Hamilton finalists are no longer eligible to receive any other society-sponsored travel awards to the meeting.

Previous Award Recipients

Winners and runners-up listed below; winners are listed in bold text.

Michelle Stitzer, University of California, Davis. Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra.
Sarah Friedman, University of California Davis. Advisor: Dr. Peter Wainwright.
Rachel Moran, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Advisor: Dr. Suzanne McGaugh.
Rachel Thayer, University of California, Berkeley. Advisor: Dr. Nipam Patel.

Christopher D. Pull, Royal Holloway University of London. Advisor: Dr. Mark J. F. Brown.

Debora Goedert, Dartmouth College. Advisor: Dr. Ryan G. Calsbeek.
Karin van der Burg, Cornell University. Advisor: Dr. Robert Reed.

Emily Behrman, University of Pennsylvania. Advisor: Dr. Paul Schmidt.

Jasmine Ono, Univ British Columbia. Advisor: Dr. Sally Otto.
Foen Peng, University of Washington. Advisor: Dr. H.D. 'Toby' Bradshaw.
Chathurani Ranathunge, Mississippi State. Advisor: Dr. Mark Welch.

Nina Wale, Pennsylvania State University. Advisor: Dr. Andrew Read.

Amanda Gibson, Indiana University. Advisor: Dr. Curt Lively.
Jason Sardell, University of Texas at Austin. Advisor: Dr. Mark Kirkpatrick.

Maude Baldwin, Harvard University. Advisor: Dr. Scott Edwards.
Sarah Fitzpatrick, Colorado State University. Advisor: Dr. Chris Funk.

Nathaniel Sharp, University of Toronto. Advisor: Dr. Aneil Agrawal.

Daniel Field, Yale University. Advisor: Dr. Jacques A. Gauthier.

Benjamin Liebeskind, University of Texas, Austin. Advisors: Dr. David Hillis, Dr. Harold Zakon.
Megan Peterson, University of California, Santa Cruz. Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Kay.

Emily Jacobs-Palmer, Harvard University. Advisor: Dr. Hopi Hoekstra.

Zoe Assaf, Stanford University. Advisor: Dr. Dmitri Petrov.
Matthew McGee, University of California, Davis. Advisor: Dr. Peter Wainwright.
Rebecca Satterwhite, University of Houston. Advisor: Dr. Tim Cooper.

Christopher Martin, University of California, Davis. Advisor: Dr. Peter Wainwright.
Aleeza Gerstein, University of British Columbia. Advisor: Dr. Sally Otto.

Erin McCullough, University of Montana. Advisor: Dr. Doug Emlen.

William Ratcliff, University of Minnesota. Advisor: Dr. R. Ford Denison.

Sarah Bodbyl Roels, University of Kansas. Advisor: Dr. John Kelly.
Christopher Oufiero, University of California at Riverside. Advisor: Dr. Theodore Garland, Jr.

Amanda Izzo, University of Michigan. Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Tibbetts.

Benjamin Blackman, Duke University. Supervisors: Dr. John Willis and Dr. Daniel Rokhsar.
Christopher Martin, University of California – Davis. Advisor: Dr. Peter Wainwright.
David Lowry, University of Texas – Austin. Supervisor: Dr. Thomas Juenger.
Ian Wang, University of California – Davis. Advisor: Dr. Brad Shaffer.

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